My Passion… My Life… Just Juice… 🍏 🍉🍃

My Passion… My Life… Just Juice…

My passion for juicing did not come overnight. After battling and surviving preeclampsia, juicing became a way for me to take more control over my health. Did you know that a woman who experiences preeclampsia is 4x’s more likely to develop heart disease in the future? On top of that, Blacks having the highest rate of heart disease in the country. These alarming statistics inspired me to change my life….and to help change the lives of others. After starting my own juice journey, I became obsessed with juicing, and quickly saw the benefits it reaped in my own life. I went from 171 pounds to 160 pounds in a month’s time, my kidney levels began to get better and shortly after I was able to end my dialysis treatment after one entire year.

My passion to encourage my community to become better consumers and make healthier choices drove me to start my mobile juice business.
JuiceDefined, LLC is a mobile juicing company servicing the South Florida area, delivering “life in a bottle” to your front door. Our goal is to make the chore of consuming healthier, easier.

Why would you want to juice? Well, the benefits of juicing are endless. See, the way juicing works is, using a juicer (NOT A BLENDER), you’re able to to extract the liquid (or “juice”) from fruit and vegetables, separating it from the fiber. This makes it easier (almost seamless) for your body to absorb nutrients and all the good stuff from fruit and vegetables. This process alleviates your body from exerting the energy it would need to break down whole foods. Ya’ll know about the “itis” right? Well yeah, that comes from your body exerting tons of energy trying to break down food during the digestion process. It makes you tired. It distracts your body from fulfilling its many other duties as well. So juicing energizes the body immediately when it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes it easier for your body to break down stored fats (hence, the benefit of weight loss); antioxidants attach to free radicals in the body (hence, the benefit of making it easy to get rid of waste in the body AKA detoxing); and it increases the amount of servings of fruit and vegetables you consume daily (because we all know we don’t get enough of it in our meals daily).

Now, don’t get me wrong, juicing for a beginner can be extremely intimidating. And juicing for a person who does not regularly eat fruit and vegetables can be straight scary; however, it doesn’t have to be. Listen, if I can get my five year old daughter (who was only 3 at the time I began juicing) to drink green juice, I’m almost sure I can get you to drink green juice too!

The first thing you have to do is buy a juicer! Start out with a cheap juicer. Some of my favorite brands are Breville and Omega. These brands can be quite costly, however, there are other brands. Pick one and try it out. Next, buy the ingredients. If possible, purchase organic. If you cannot purchase organic for whatever reason, make sure the produce is fresh (have fun with produce hauls by visiting local farmer’s markets). Once you have the produce home, wash them really good (this eliminates as much of the pesticides and junk that comes with growing foods). Put your juicer together, and get busy!

This recipe (below) I am going to give you is a simple, green and tasty juice.

{{Remember, drinking raw juice is NOTHING like drinking the artificially flavored juice we’re so used to. Natural sweetener is not the same as artificial sweetener. Don’t allow that to scare you or turn you off, okay! Another benefit of continued juicing is the changing of your tongue palate and decreasing desire for artificially flavored food and drinks. But you have to stick it out to see those benefits.}}

***Pretty Green***

1 whole cucumber

1/4 pineapple

1 large orange (peel orange first–DO NOT juice the skin)

1 handful of spinach leaves

This recipe is basic and tasty for a beginner. It’s light and extremely hydrating with a nice hint of sweet!!!!


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Tangy Tomato Tart

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Who knew that something so simple could taste so good? Goat cheese, with its pristine white color and distinct flavor is one of the most amazing foods in the world — a humble basic for some, a gourmet delight for others.

Notice what has to say about this dairy delight…

Who knew that something so simple could taste so good? Goat cheese, with its pristine white color and distinct flavor is one of the most amazing foods in the world — a humble basic for some, a gourmet delight for others.

Our selection of goat cheeses ranges from creamy, mild spreads to pungent, crumbly discs to reinterpretations of favorite cow’s milk cheeses. It’s an essential part of any…

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Confidence?? Confidence!! Swagger!!

CONFIDENCE: (n.) (adj.): A feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.

antonyms: difference, insecurity, self-distrust, self-doubt

synonyms: attitude, self-assurance, demeanor of coolness, self-esteem, swagger

confidence 1

Having CONFIDENCE is an important trait for ME! But, unfortunately there are many LADIES and GIRLS that don’t feel the same way or have the same level of confidence as other young ladies that they may socialize with or come in contact with.

But, sometimes we just need a little booster… such as: that BAD ASS OUTFIT! Or that flawless makeup!!! Yess!!! So, remember… it doesn’t matter the cost of that outfit or what it is, but that CONFIDENCE is what make the outfit a BAD one.

Whatever you wear, ROCK IT!!!
Whatever you wear, #ROCKIT!!! Photo Cred.: google search


And, if that simple little dress or cute outfit just isn’t poppin’… well, there’s ALWAYS makeup for a little enhancement. And, I LOVE putting on makeup. People sometimes think when you wear makeup, that you have to wear it… but, I beg to differ. Your face is an ART CANVASS and, you are simply creating a better picture with a little color, blush, highlight, or sparkle. IT’S FUN!

Now, that you are dressed and you need something else to make it all come together and POP! Put on a little makeup and your brows are acting right that night… you definitely have to get out for a night out on the town.

Showing PURE Confidence!
Showing PURE Confidence!

So, I say all of that to say… let’s remember and use those SYNONYMS at the beginning of this post and EMBRACE them more. And, for those SILLY ANTONYMS, let’s leave them in the past an behind us.

Because, we are all beautiful and wonderfully made… so, let’s embrace those flaws and highlight our natural beauty. Stop focusing on the negative.

So, REMEMBER…. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, SHE’S BEAUTIFUL, I’M BEAUTIFUL… now stop and strike a pose in front of that mirror and take a selfie of our beautiful selves.

I challenge you to tell 3 LADIES or TEEN or LITTLE GIRL that she’s beautiful and look at that smile that will appear.

The ladies let their CONFIDENCE shine BRIGHT...
The ladies let their CONFIDENCE shine BRIGHT…

Until next time readers, Be BeYOUtiful,

Be Amazing, Be Great!

Ms. Tammy, xoxo

The Journey of a Foodie

I love food and since I have started on my #GetFit journey, I wanted to try new things and try to incorporate them in my day to day eating habits.

About 2 months ago, I tried chik patties and it was actually good. I prefer them in the oven, although if you don’t have much time you can put them in the microwave (I personally don’t care to do it that way).

Morning Star Chik Patties Original

So, this is what I had for lunch today and I paired it with avocado and drizzled a little of my avocado cilantro dressing on it and it was YUMMY! 🙂

It’s important to eat for a BETTER YOU and it’s very exciting to try new things! And, it doesn’t hurt to try something once and if you don’t like it– you don’t have to get it again…just to try it out and if you like it.

So, during your weekly shopping… pickup something NEW and give it a try! You might be surprised and actually like it!!! I’m still on my journey and I am going to make this fun and exciting. Two years ago, I would have never picked up anything that veggie based or even give up pork, but I did.

Happy Eating and thank you for reading!

Ms. Tammy

Jut being ME!!!
Jut being ME!!!

Pretty Hat Tea – August 22nd

This is going to be quick….

I had an event to attend on Saturday at my church, Greater New Bethel of Liberty City in Miami, FL.

Well, I thought it was going to be quick and easy for me today. Makeup and dress, that’s all I had to do. I begin to apply my makeup and I did it in record timing (30 minutes).

Once I was done with makeup, I took my dress off the hanger that I was prepared to wear… and it was so cute. I put it on and all of my UNDERGARMENT STRAPS are exposed and there’s no way to fix this situation at this point.

Remember, I had this planned out in advance because it was for the Pretty Hat Tea event at my church. And, with a tea party… you need hats! Well, my hat went with original dress.

Final pick for the Pretty Hat Tea event
Final pick for the Pretty Hat Tea event

Fast forward to me having to make a quick decision! Being plus size, it’s NOT always easy to make last minute wardrobe changes– especially if you purchase something specific for the event. Although, you may have a closet full of clothes – it doesn’t mean it will be an easy fix.And, after THREE CHANGES… this had to be my FINAL SELECTION. Still cute and that’s all that mattered.

Thanks for reading!

Ms. Tammy


My Weight Loss Journey

I’m on a quest to lose weight, in order to be a healthier and a better ME! I often refer to it as “GetFit” and I’m having a blast.

It all started at the beginning of this year, my best friend and I decided to make a life change and sign up for the gym. So, decided on Planet Fitness and we started. We were on a roll, the pounds were coming off and my menu included meat (chicken and turkey and fish) and veggies ONLY! Sundays would be my “cheat day” and I would have a spoon full of rice.

NO, RICE, BREADS OR PASTA! Drank only water and green tea.

Now, fast forward to June-July… where schedules begin to get crazy and I celebrate the entire month of July for my birthday (went to Las Vegas this year with my bestie, who’s birthday is the day after mine).

My bestie & I headed to dinner on my birthday
My bestie & I headed to dinner on my birthday

So, I decided that I have to get back on track and started with my food. Because at this point I was eating bread, pasta and rice; which is not something I had done in months. But, I’m back on track and doing better!

So, I’ve decided that it was time to get back on track and that’s what I did. I’ve done some form of active exercise everyday this week.

After my walk #GetFit
After my walk #GetFit

So this is ME, thanks for reading! Please stay tuned and come back for more.

Ms. Tammy 💋💪👣

Girl’s Night Out l August 15th, 2015

On Saturday, August 15th…

…. at 6pm in the evening we gathered about 10 young ladies and they were in for a treat. We started out with a quick icebreaker (2 Truths and a Lie) and oh my was it comical to me. One was afraid of water, someone had 13 siblings and someone was 26 years of age… ALL good lies and the ladies couldn’t figure them out to save their lives.

(I got a call the night before, that could have ruined the event… but with the help of my Mommy and Aunt, we pulled it off.)

Back to Girl’s Night Out – I email Coach Cass a few months ago to come and do “Girl Chat” with the participants and the ladies were a little quiet, but the information that was given to us by Coach Cass was amazing! I myself plan on implementing some of it in my own life.

Coach Cass, talking with the ladies...
Coach Cass, talking with the ladies…

You can find Cach Cass on AskCoachCass or Instagram: @inspiremany

Then, we had the lovely Ms. Gabs to come out and give us the knowledge of your simple foundation and eye makeup skills. Ms. Gabs’ model for the evening was her Mom and she was great. Being the silly person I am myself, she was cracking up the entire time. You can find her on Facebook Vanity Chic Miami as well as Instagram and Snapchat.

Ms. Gabs, doing Q&A before starting her makeup tutorial.
Ms. Gabs, doing Q&A before starting her makeup tutorial.

And, during the evening the wine was poured and the food came out and everyone enjoyed the bites that were prepared for them on Saturday. The ladies also enjoyed some Cucumber and Ginger Juice, prepared by my Aunt as well as some Refresh Water (Mint; Rosemary and Lemon) prepared by myself.

And, then for the delectable sweets prepared by Fritz’s Favorite Sweets & Treats and they too can be found on Facebook as well.

Fritz's Favorite Sweets & Treats
Fritz’s Favorite Sweets & Treats

The ladies were given massages and they were delightful!!! I know because I enjoyed one myself. I am so HAPPY that all of the ladies enjoyed themselves during the event. I’m evening considering closing the year out with another Girl’s Night Out, since is was well received by all the ladies.

So, if I decide to plan another Girl’s Night Out… we will host it in December and thinking of some other ideas. I really appreciate everyone that assisted me with the event; from the beginning to the end. I am also, very grateful for ALL of our vendors that thought it not robbery and take the time out of their very busy schedules to come and Bless us with their gifts and talents.

I’m More Than My CURVES, thank you for reading!

Ms. Tammy

Coach Cass & Tammy
Coach Cass & Tammy